Sarana Jatim Ventura (Jatim Ventura) is a venture capital company located at Jalan Jemur Andayani No.33 Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. This company was inaugurated on October 15 1994 by Mr Mar’ie Muhammad who at that time served as Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia. As one of the pioneers of venture capital in East Java, we have participated in supporting economic development in Indonesia, especially East Java, by providing financing facilities and management assistance to Small and Medium Enterprises.

Jatim Ventura has a reliable and experienced team that will be ready to help each business partner to grow together and become a progressive and independent entrepreneur in the face of increasingly fierce business competition.

Jatim Ventura will always develop and be open to becoming a partner for Small and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia.


Jatim Ventura was established based on Notarial Deed No. 23 dated 5 October 1994 by Wachid Hasyim, SH., notary in Surabaya. The Deed of Establishment has received approval from the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia with Decree No. C2-15335.HT.01.01.TH.94 dated 12 October 1994 and has been published in the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No. 55 Supplement No. 5795 dated 11 July 1995, in conjunction with all its amendments.

Jatim Ventura obtained a business license to operate its business based on the Decree of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Number 520/KMK.017/1994 dated 14 October 1994.

Jatim Ventura is a non-bank financial institution under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority.

Vision and mission


To become a trusted venture capital company in developing small and medium businesses to support national economic growth.


Providing access to funding for small and medium businesses including creative industries; Providing benefits for all stakeholders, especially investors and business partners; Advancing the venture capital industry which plays an active role in growing the real sector.

Company Management

Jatim Ventura has professional and experienced human resources in the fields of business and finance. We also continually develop our human resource capabilities both through formal and informal education. In running this business, we are always open and adaptable to changes in society.

Board of Commissioners

Chief Commissioner   : Drajat Hendarsan
: Supomo

Board of Directors 

Chief Director              : Tri Agus Darmawan
: Noor Alim Fardianto